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Osvaldo Szczygol

Astas Patagonicas is located in the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, Province of R{io Negro, Argentina. Bariloche is an important city for winter tourism. Nature reserves, including lakes, forests and mountains, its architecture, and outstanding ski resorts are the main attraction and economic livelihood of this city. Also, the summer provides an ideal climate to enjoy the natural surroundings.
My name is Osvaldo Szczygol. Born and raised in General Roca, and I moved to Bariloche in 1995. On one trip to the residence of Victor (my uncle) in San Martin de los Andes, he gave me about 6 deer antlers, which I built as a hobby, the first six antler chandelier and 3 lights, it helped to the elements that nature offers, some crafts and other legacy of my European ancestors. This spider was hanging about two years until one day a tourist, after finding out where to buy spiders with antlers, found me and that was my first sale. This, unexpectedly, roused the concern in me and it was then that I began to internalize the issue.
Regarding the use of the resource, it is important to know that during the first months of spring, the male deer naturally lose their antlers by rubbing them against trees and shrubs. At the end of spring new antlers begin to appear. These antlers fall are brought by people from the countryside to the city. Patagonia gets the horns antlers of these collectors to carry out the products. Thereafter, the horns were original and unique shaping for all types of decorative accessories. The products are marketed in the form of direct marketing through the website and the showroom and workshop, which are enabled at the same address that I live with my family.



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